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Avoid these 6 Car Rental Mistakes at All Costs

Car rental today is a part and parcel of life. Whether you’re running late to work, embarking on a road trip, the homecoming trip from the airport, rented cars are saviors. However, a hired car generally takes up lots of money, and most days’ people end up spending $45 dollars or more on rented cabs.

Now, the sad part is, most of the times the people end up spending extra dollars on hired cars. In reality, people assume they just have to pay whatever is charged without questioning the company. However, car hires can be cost-effective, if one avoids a few noted mistakes.

Today here’s stating down 6 mistakes to avoid during car hires, for a cheaper ride.

Check Them Out:

  1. Hiring from the Airport

Airports are the den of surcharges and that’s no secret. Hence, while it’s understandable that you got baggage, try to take a cab and find downtown Toronto car rental companies away from an airport. In this way, you not be charged extra and you can get your car hire at a reasonable rate.

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  1. Prepaying for Fuel

Often certain car hires require you to pay for the gas or fuel once you hire the vehicle. Now, certain millennials in a rush opt for prepaying for fuel to avoid pit stops on the road. Now, this is a direct loss, because say the car burned only half the fuel to reach your destination.

This means you ended up paying extra and incurred a loss. Hence, opt for leaving early and stopping for fuel to pay for what is required.

  1. Not Searching for Options

While selecting a downtown Toronto car Rental Company the main flaw is going for ‘first come first go.’ Different companies charge various prices depending on lead time, mileage and other factors. For example, certain agencies offer unlimited miles driving option. This means you can drive the car as long as you want. However, certain companies charge extra after certain mileage coverage.

Hence, it’s best to compare prices of various companies on websites like for example, AutoSlash.com to ensure that you pick the most convenient car hire for you.

  1. Paying for Car Seat & GPS

Often downtown Toronto car rental companies offer convenient options like GPS services and car seats. Now, these extras may seem attractive but GPS itself charges around $10 extra per day. So, in case you don’t wish to pay extra, it’s advisable to use your cell phones’ GPS system to map out routes.

Toronto downtown car rental

  1. Returning Car Late/Early

Most of you know that downtown Toronto car rental companies charge extra in case you return the car after the speculated given time. However, few vehicle hire companies even charge extra if you return the car early.

Hence, the solution is ensuring that you keep aside time on your return date, to deliver the car to the selected company.

Well, avoiding these 5 mistakes can help you hire a vehicle at a much cost effective rates. So, give these a try and ride the smart way.


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