Jet Startups That Will Get You Flying Private

While Uber is facing legal challenges in several countries, other companies succeed with a similar business model. JetSmarter, Ubair and PrivateFly are three startups that help users schedule charter flights with private jets.From mobile apps or websites, these companies make travel with jets more transparent, cheap, and quick to schedule. Before, it was necessary to book the aircraft from a broker or agencies, process that takes days and needs numerous documents.

This irritation with the business model has made users create alternatives. Justin Sullivan, president of Ubair, said startup has the “new face of an old company,” a reference to the existing service offering in a new way. Impossible not to notice the joke with Uber in the name of the company, that works with private jet charter.

Enjoying empty leg flights is not that expensive

Ubair creates space for jet owners to make them available to the service, which offers them to users on an easy schedule. Sullivan estimates that the owner of an eight-seat jet can earn up to $ 20,000 per month, or fly 12 to 15 hours per month as charter flights. In another company, the JetSmarter, a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas revolves around $ 3,800 in a three-seater plane, so three friends can split the amount and travel for $ 1,300 without facing queues and problems with airlines.

With PrivateFly, charter flights options can be cheaper, as the app evaluates thousands of options and offers the best for the customer, which helps suppliers lower the price as the business gets more competitive. The company also has the fastest time to make an aircraft available: 43 minutes to book and travel without having to pay in advance. It was not for nothing that it grew 75% in the last 3 months and reached a turnover of $ 16.2 million in the last year. Click here.

Diversification of the shared economy

Adam Twidell, PrivateFly’s chief executive, says that this business model of “giving customers the power to compare prices directly from the supplier and making the service as efficient as possible for everyone involved” is not new. He only applied it in the private jet business, like the other two companies. Why worry about the high fares of average air companies when you can have exactly what you need, when you need and for a fraction of the price. The market is just adjusting itself.

In fact, in Silicon Valley has already become a joke to refer to some startup ssuch as Uber.  Airbnb works with this disruptive model: rooms, apartments or even whole houses are offered during short-term rental for a site, so it is possible to do the same with cars and even private jet charter.If you have a lot of money and find a jet available, you can schedule it with JetSmarter iOS or Android apps. Ubair only has iOS app and PrivateFly shows more complete information on the site. Click here for more information: