Empty leg flights are flights that are made by private jets back to their home destination without a passenger on board. It is also known as a one way booked flight. If the jet has taken the passenger to his or her destination the jet has to fly back empty so that it can be booked again by the passenger. A customer can take advantage to this situation and fly to the jets location with a low rate. Also most aircraft operators take advantage of the empty leg by allocating a customer that is not able to meet the full price and book them a flight since the jet is empty, the empty space is sold. These kind of flights are mostly cheaper and the standard rate for most of the flights are 75% lesser than the normal price of a chartered jet. Also the price depends on the flexibility of the customer because the charter operator is willing to fill the empty leg to the next available customer. There are things that a customer must know before subscribing for an empty leg flight

  • i Flexibility

It is important for one to be flexible because it does not give you time to choose on the kind of flight you may want to fly in. one takes the available flight that is available time ad space to select the preferred kind of flight is not there. Since these flights operate like taxis and their mission is to drop their clients it is up to the customer to decide if he or she is comfortable to fly in them. One also must be flexible to fit in the schedule of the flight because it will be operating on its own given schedule to return on the home base for the next booking.

  • ii Be Alert

The flights do not occur often. It is easy not realize an empty leg flight if one does not do research on available opportunities of empty leg flights. The customer is the one to find out if there is an available offer and contact the charter operator immediately for booking. One should have alert messages that link the service provider and them, vie emails. It is the easiest way of getting information about available flights that are empty. By doing these one is able to know whenever such offer arises and schedule his or her flight to that particular destination during that period of offer.

  • iii Benefits Of The Flight

Since the jet flies empty to the given home area, it is beneficial to the customer because the prices are reduced to meet the needs of the client. One also can take advantage of luxury offered by the jets while flying and again cheaply. The security checks and common flight delays are avoided when using these private jets and one gets to reach to their destination on time. The flight operates to the first come first served no preferential are given, whoever grasp the opportunity first will fly with them. see more from