Flight of The Silver Dart

Getting Involved

The Silver Dart Centennial Celebration of 2009 is spearheaded by the Silver Dart Centennial Association, a not for profit, registered charitable society. A Board of Directors governs this society and oversees the planning of the celebration.

There are a number of ways the public can get involved with the 2009 Celebration:

Event Volunteer – If you would like to volunteer for an event or project with the Silver Dart Centennial, you can do so by filling out the form below. Volunteers will then be contacted by the event management staff who will enlist them for a specific role. For a list of events, refer to the Events web page.

Silver Dart Aviation Ambassador – If you are an aviation enthusiast or work in the aviation industry, you can get involved as a Silver Dart Aviation Ambassador. These ambassadors will receive notices of events and festivities as well as Society meeting updates of the SCDA. With this information, Ambassadors are encouraged to share news with their special interest groups or industry organizations to promote as widely as possible the Silver Dart Celebration activities. In turn, the Ambassadors can also share news with the SCDA office through a web blog. Fill out the Get Involved form to become an Aviation Ambassador.

Event Sponsor – If you belong to a business or company that has an interest in becoming a sponsor of one or more events planned for the Silver Dart Centennial Celebration, please contact Project Manager Eleanor Anderson at eleanor@smartprojects.ca or fill out the Get Involved form.

Legacy Donor – The Silver Dart Centennial Association has a Legacy Committee who are initiating a capital expansion campaign aimed at raising funds to build an extension on to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum to house a replica of the Silver Dart and interpretative displays conveying Alexander Graham Bell’s and the Aerial Experiment Association’s work in aviation. If you would like to support this significant project and the goal of preserving Canadian history in aviation, you can contact ???. To learn more about donating to the Spirit of the Silver Dart Legacy Campaign, you can also fill out the Get Involved form.

School – If you are a schoolteacher or student, you can make the Silver Dart Centennial Celebration a part of your classroom learning. Engage students through fundraising or special event activities and help them learn about Canada’s rich aviation history and the exciting scientific inventions of Alexander Graham Bell and the Aerial Experiment Association. Fill out the Get Involved form and an information kit will be sent to you.

The Canadian Centennial of Flight Project encompasses the Silver Dart Celebrations and many others happening across our nation and spearheaded by various organizations interested in aviation and space as well as the aerospace industry. The Canadian Centennial of Flight project will be fostering and promoting events and activities across the nation to celebrate this important milestone in Canadian history. To get involved on a national level, contact ??.