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Yung Miami shot for 14 times while departing from the studio, shocking news for Twitter

Yung Miami got to suffer badly after experiencing a 14-shot hit. It’s a threatening experience to see the pregnant Miami facing all the trouble just after departing from the circle house. On Monday night, Yung Miami faced a life-threatening experience. Miami rocks as a star in the City Girls and was rumor with pregnancy news. While leaving from a Miami studio, she was attacked with 14 gunshots and she runs all the way to get covered. It was shocking news to hear such an attack on pregnant Miami. As a reader, you might be curious about certain questions. Willing to know how did she survive? Continue with the article for all the information.

bulletproof g wagons

How did Caresha survive such a life-threatening experience?

Caresha Brownlee (the real name of Yung Miami) packed up to leave from the Circle House studio. She left in her bulletproof G Wagon when the shot sound starts appearing. This devastating incident was a non-stop gunshot which was happening continuously. It all looked like a murder than any mistaken incident.

Is there any witness who captured the incident?

A person captured all the incident with a smartphone at the moment. The person revealed that Miami avoided to wait for the police or get stuck and left of the scene. There’s no chance for any person to get missed from a 14-gunshot experience. Though, lucky Miami saved her life with her bulletproof G Wagon.

“I witnessed the experience with my smartphone. I was standing right when the whole scene got started. Caresha gets into her bulletproof G Wagon which was shot for about 14 times when she departed from Circle House. She should be covered with a good security team as it could be a threaten for her life. Miami was running with a baby across the streets and trying to escape the incident before police encountered the whole incident. Somehow, prayers worked for her and she survived with her baby,” says the person.

Miami was fired with several shots while she heads into her vehicle and drives to run from the scene. It was her pregnancy stage when things became worse for her to survive. Though, she appeared as a savage girl to fight against her enemies. She didn’t wait for the corpse to appear at the moment since it could be a trouble for her. If she would have waited for the police, then she might get stuck in the situation and the bullet shots were also consistent.

Bulletproof G wagon

What about the investigation?

The investigation is still ongoing and any suspects have not been revealed yet. Though, the police team is heading towards the details of the incident.

The fans are not stopping from tweeting!

The tweets are not stopping for the star. The fans are demanding to double Miami’s security throughout her studio visits. At the moment, it is satisfying for fans to see Miami safe with her baby. From Tuesday morning, Twitter is hitting with constant tweets for Yung Miami.